Case Studies

Revolutionizing Construction and Transportation Management with CloudApps’ Tailored Solution

In the dynamic realm of construction and transportation, CloudApps introduces a groundbreaking solution designed to elevate operational efficiency and overcome industry-specific challenges. Our seamlessly integrated module, fine-tuned for Odoo ERP, empowers businesses to navigate complexities with unparalleled ease.

✔︎ End-to-End Visibility
✔︎ Streamlined Project Management
✔︎ Supply Chain Optimization
✔︎ Integrated Financial Management

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IoT Enabled Remote Tank Monitoring at DOW Hospital

CloudApps’ Telemet solution has transformed the way DUHS manages its medical oxygen supply, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and, most importantly, uninterrupted care for their patients. The implementation showcases the power of cloud-based remote monitoring in addressing critical challenges in the healthcare industry.

✔︎ Continuous Oxygen Supply
✔︎ Efficient Planning
✔︎ Remote Management
✔︎ Alerts and Notifications

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Transforming Customer Experience with the Shell Pakistan Fuel App

In a dynamic move towards enhancing customer engagement and streamlining fuel operations, CloudApps developed an innovative mobile and tablet application. Leveraging the versatility of Flutter, a hybrid framework, the app aimed to provide an intuitive and seamless experience for both customers and admin users.

✔︎ Customer Conversions
✔︎ Fuel Order & Rates Management
✔︎ Promotions & Offers Management
✔︎ Customer Feedback Mechanism

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