Transforming Customer Experience with the Shell Pakistan Fuel App

About Shell Pakistan

Shell is one of the oldest multinationals in Pakistan and has been present in the South Asian region for over a century. The company has a network of 600+ sites, countrywide storage facilities and a broad portfolio of global Lubricant brands. It is one of the most recognized brands in the country.  Shell is an integrated energy company that aims to meet the world’s growing demand for energy in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

The Customer Expectations

The Shell Pakistan Fuel App project demanded diverse customer expectations. It aimed to primarily targets the conversion of regular fuel customers to Shell V-Power, offering customers the choice between Shell Regular Fuel and Shell V-Power Fuel through a user-friendly interface. Real-time price comparisons and insights into the benefits of V-Power Fuel were essential, along with daily visibility into fuel rates. Client required  detailed reports and analytics on their fuel orders, coupled with the flexibility to export data. Promotions and offers management from services like shop, recharging, oil change, car wash, and a seamless feedback mechanism were crucial for customer engagement. The app needed to ensure reliability, data security, and compatibility across devices while providing educational content on fuel choices. Time efficiency in fuel ordering and a commitment to efficient customer support were overarching expectations from this pilot project.

Shell Pakistan
IOT Challenges

The Challenges

1. Limited Scale Testing:

The app’s deployment was restricted to a single petrol pump for the pilot, limiting the scope of data collection and user feedback. Challenges emerged in extrapolating findings to predict the app’s performance at a larger scale.

2. User Adoption:

Encouraging users to adapt to the new digital fuel order system presented a challenge. Resistance to change from traditional manual methods to digital platforms was observed among some customers.

3. Data Security Concerns:

Handling sensitive customer and operational data raised concerns about data security. Robust measures had to be implemented to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information.

4. Real-time Price Comparison Accuracy:

Ensuring real-time accuracy in price comparisons and benefits display for Shell V-Power Fuel posed a technical challenge. Dynamic fuel pricing required attention to add precise and up-to-date information.

5. Customer Education:

Educating customers about the advantages of the Shell Pakistan Fuel App, especially the benefits of V-Power Fuel, was crucial. Strategies for effective communication and awareness needed to be developed.

6. Admin Training and Adaptation:

Admin users required training on the app’s backend management, including fuel rate adjustments and reporting. Streamlining administrative processes for efficiency was an ongoing learning process.

7. Comprehensive Reporting Complexity:

The complexity of generating comprehensive reports demanded a careful balance between depth of information and user-friendly interfaces. Simplifying reporting without compromising on detail was a challenge.

8. Limited Timeframe:

The pilot project operated within a limited timeframe, imposing constraints on the depth of testing and refinement. Comprehensive testing required for a larger-scale implementation was challenging within this confined period.

9. Hardware Management:

Implementing the app on a larger scale would present logistical challenges in terms of handling and managing the necessary tablet devices. Each fuel pump station requires a dedicated device and attendant to input customer data. Scaling this to numerous stations would require efficient logistics and maintenance systems to ensure the proper functioning of the hardware and seamless operation across all locations.

Our Solution

CloudApps developed an innovative mobile and tablet application. Leveraging the versatility of Flutter, a hybrid framework, the app aimed to provide an intuitive and seamless experience for both customers and admin users.

The focal point of this app transcends conventional fuel management, as it primarily targets the conversion of regular fuel customers to Shell V-Power. While traditional pump control panels handle fuel orders efficiently, this app takes a unique approach. It captivates users’ attention by emphasizing the benefits of V-Power, such as enhanced engine performance and better mileage. Through real-time price comparisons, it educates users about the marginal price difference between regular and V-Power, encouraging them to make an informed choice for improved results and optimal vehicle maintenance savings.

Furthermore, the app serves as a valuable tool for collecting customer feedback during fueling transactions at the station. It also acts as a dynamic platform to showcase promotions and offers from various Shell services, including the Shell Select shop, Shell Oil Change, Shell Car Wash, and Shell Recharge. This multifunctional approach not only enhances customer engagement but also provides an avenue for users to explore and avail themselves of the diverse range of services offered by Shell.

The Shell Pakistan Fuel App is strategically designed for tablet use by filling station attendants, optimizing their efficiency in managing fuel orders. Recognizing the offline working environment due to restrictions on Wi-Fi and mobile usage at the filling station, the app ensures seamless functionality without internet connectivity. At the end of each day, data collected on individual tablets is exported in Excel format. This data is then efficiently transferred to the main server, facilitating consolidated reporting for comprehensive analysis and strategic decision-making. This workflow ensures data integrity, accessibility, and streamlined operations in the unique setting of a filling station.

Fuel Order Management:

Customers at petrol pumps can conveniently fill in a fuel order form.

Users have the flexibility to choose between Shell Regular Fuel and Shell V-Power Fuel.

Real-time price comparisons and benefits of V-Power Fuel are displayed, encouraging users to make informed choices.

Rates Management:

Admin users have the capability to efficiently manage daily fuel rates, ensuring real-time adjustments as needed.

Comprehensive Reporting:

Robust reporting functionalities allow insights into customer orders categorized by fuel type.
Daily, weekly, and monthly reports provide a holistic view of fuel-related activities.

Data Export Capability:

The app facilitates easy data export to Excel, streamlining data utilization and analysis for administrative purposes.

Diverse Service Sections:

The app manages promotional offering from other services such as Shell Select shop, Recharge facilities, Oil Change, and Car Wash.
This diversification aims to engage users beyond fueling transactions.

Customer Feedback Mechanism:

Integrated customer feedback forms enable users to share their experiences.
Admins receive detailed reports, fostering continuous improvement in services.

Shell Fueling Application

The Results

The Shell Pakistan Fuel App has significantly transformed the customer experience at petrol pumps. The real-time price comparison and benefits of V-Power Fuel have successfully influenced users to explore and switch to a higher-grade fuel option. The app’s comprehensive reporting tools empower administrators with actionable insights, contributing to more informed decision-making. The data export feature enhances administrative efficiency, and the inclusion of diverse service sections has broadened customer engagement.

The collaboration between Shell Pakistan and CloudApps has not only resulted in an advanced fuel management system but has also laid the foundation for continued innovation in customer service. The success of the pilot project demonstrates the potential for technology-driven solutions to enhance operational efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction in the fuel industry.

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